Stand & Deliver

Are you looking for a chance to grow as an EMS speaker? Now is your chance to “Stand & Deliver” at EMS World Expo! Stand & Deliver is EMS World Expo’s exciting offering for those who want to test out their speaking skills in front of a live panel of judges. 

The top presenter from Stand & Deliver will be guaranteed a speaking slot at EMS World Expo in 2024!

To be eligible: 

  • You must be registered to attend EMS World Expo 2023
  • You must not have previously spoken at a national medical conference 
  • Past participants may participate, provided they have not spoken at a national conference

Please note, this event is aimed at providing academic professionals and those looking to become EMS educators the opportunity to grow their speaking skills.

Participants will present a 15-minute presentation to a live panel of judges who will evaluate your topic's applicability to out-of-hospital care, your media presentation, and your speaking style. Immediately following your live presentation, you will receive constructive feedback focused on helping you grow. You will also receive written feedback within the week.

The preliminary rounds will take place on Wednesday, September 20, and Thursday, September 21. The top 4 participants will compete in the finals that will take place on Friday, September 22, in the Exhibit Hall Learning Center. Please note: due to limited availability, attendees may not sign up for more than 1 time slot. 

Stand & Deliver is now sold out. 



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