The Six Layer Concept: First Responder Scene Safety

Monday, September 18
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The Six Layer Concept uses behavior pattern recognition to identify threats and manage scene safety for first responders, their patient/victim, and the potential threat. The Six Layer Concept uses Human Terrain Mapping and Behavior Pattern Recognition (HTMBPR) to identify pre-event indicators within physiological and psychological cues against a decision-making algorithm. HTMBPR is a science-based tactical field decision-making model created from the lessons learned within human behavior programs developed for the Department of Defense and Law Enforcement. HTMBPR focuses on advanced critical thinking by understanding human behavior patterns. It creates a framework to observe, articulate, document, and defend decisions by providing the knowledge, skills, and abilities to 1) observe a situation, orient with in it, and make sound decisions in accordance with law and agency policy and procedure, and 2) take appropriate legal, moral, and ethical actions.