Prehospital Whole Blood: Medical Origins, Systemic Components, and Operational Developments in the San Antonio Fire Department LTOWB+ Program

Tuesday, September 19
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

EMS personnel appreciate the gravity of severe hemorrhage in the prehospital setting. Providers have explored alternatives to crystalloid infusions to obtain hemodynamic stability in critical patients and the transfusion of whole blood appears to be an outstanding option. This presentation will analyze the historical and medical foundations for prehospital whole-blood transfusions. Stakeholders involved in the development of a prehospital blood program will be identified with systemic connections described in detail. Participants will be introduced to the operational logistics of program development and implementation. The role of a robust blood program in a mass casualty scenario will also be discussed. Time will be allocated for participants to interact with the speakers in a group setting and individually as questions surface.