Nightwatch Nation Meet & Greet at EMS World Expo

Visit EMS World booth #1133 on Wednesday, October 31 from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM for your chance to meet members of A&E's hit show Nightwatch Nation. Members of the show will be at the EMS World booth taking photos and signing autographs. Come and get a selfie with a cast member at the EMS World selfie station! 


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Jamiel Cunningham - Yonkers EMS
Born in the tropical island of Jamaica, Jamiel is a 6’6″ tall gentle giant. When he was 17 years old, Jamiel moved to the United States on his own where he worked and attended school. Known unofficially as the “Mayor of Yonkers,” Jamiel became interested in EMS after several medical professionals, including his partner’s mother, encouraged him to explore the field. Looking for a career to fulfill his love of an ever changing and unpredictable environment, Jamiel decided to take the leap, and he hasn’t looked back. In 2014, Jamiel became an EMT and fell in love with the profession. He is now completing his paramedic program at Westchester Community College. Jamiel’s love, compassion and natural personable demeanor has made it easy to do what he loves on a daily basis, and he is excited for his future to come as a paramedic. Outside of work, Jamiel enjoys singing, nature walks, bike riding and working out at the gym.


Jamal Spann - Yonkers EMS
If Jamal had to describe himself, he would say he is a poet, warrior and healer. Jamal is Bronx Native spending most of his youth in the Gun Hill section of the North Bronx. From the age of two, Jamal has been training in martial arts with his father. During his teenage years, Jamal found his passion for the performance arts and began taking to the stage as a spoken word poet. Throughout his entire life Jamal has always desired to help people in need. He volunteered in creative writing workshops in correctional facilities and group homes and worked as a counselor for at risk youth. Growing up in the Bronx, Jamal witnessed and experienced accidents that left members of his community hurt. Motivated by what he saw and believing in each person’s right to fair and dignified treatment, Jamal perused a career in the medical field. Jamal always knew helping those in need was a calling that he had to answer, and he is proud to now serve as a first responder to be there for people on their worst day. When Jamal is not on the scene as an EMT, you can find him off adventuring with his three children and wife or perusing his other passions videography, martial arts and poetry.


Alex Roehner - Yonkers EMS
Born in Queens New York and raised in Washington DC, Alex finally came back to Yonkers in 2012. Prior returning to New York, Alex explored many career paths, including being an English teacher, a business owner and an artist before she found her true passion in EMS. In 2012, while searching for her next purpose in life, Alex decided to become an EMT and went to work for Empress. When she began, Alex had no idea she was about to find her new family, unbelievable friends and her true calling. After a few years as an EMT, Alex decided to take the next step and become a paramedic, and in 2017, through literal blood, sweat and tears, Empress promoted Alex to Field Operations Lieutenant. Alex is the only female field supervisor amongst a team of 10 men, and she is proudly known to her team and the employees at Empress as the resident mom. Along with her supervisory duties in the field, Alex is heavily involved in Yonkers’s H.E.A.R.T program which helps to combat the Heroin and Opioid Crisis by providing support and rehabilitation for those battling addiction. Alex has also been instrumental in getting Empress’s Community Paramedic Program up and running. She supervises a team that works in tandem with the local hospitals to keep recently discharged patients from returning. Through clinical, emotional and social assessments the program is able to teach people about the best way to manage their diagnosis and in turn their lives.


Lacey Spencer – Baton Rouge EMS
Lacey’s feet hit the ground running in Conway, Arkansas, and she graduated from Greenbriar High School in the small town of Greenbriar Arkansas. Lacey is the youngest of three, with two older brothers. Her mother is from Elizabeth, LA and her father is from Bossier City, LA. Most of her childhood was spent on the back of a horse. Lacey competed across the country in a discipline called dressage. After obtaining a Bachelors in Biological Sciences from LSU-Shreveport, she moved to Baton Rouge and soon began EMT school. She obtained her EMT and Paramedic through LSU Fire and Emergency Training Institute. She has been a Paramedic for nine years, seven of those with East Baton Rouge Parish EMS. When Lacey is not working on the ambulance, she is a Bike Team Medic, SRT medic, and a CISM team member. Away from work, she likes to hang out with family and friends, her dogs, ride horses, swim, run, and all things Jeep related. Lacey loves taking her Jeep (Bandicoot) off-road and being outdoors. If it involves adventure, Lacey probably loves it.