Next Level Public Relations

Monday, October 4
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM 
Alexia Bratiotis Jobson, APR, NREMT; Rob Lawrence, MCMI; Mark Tenia 

You are confidently responding to media inquiries to your agency, you’ve successfully pitched some stories and your digital media presence is growing. That’s it, right? Not even close. During this pre-conference session, participants will dig deep into public relations, audience engagement, writing, planning, tools for execution, and how to evaluate. Participants will leave this session with hands-on experience creating a successful PR campaign, developing a media plan and calendar including how to identify opportunities and how to create messaging. In addition, they will learn how to generate interest and connect with audiences by revisiting (and practicing) the fundamentals of writing pieces like press releases, social medial posts, blog posts, and media pitches. Information will be useful for new/occasional PIOs as well as for more seasoned professionals.