NAEMT EMS Safety 3rd Edition Provider Course

Tuesday, October 11
8:00 AM–5:00 PM

The impact of the pandemic and civil unrest on EMS practitioners has taken EMS Safety training from “needed” to “essential.” The new 3rd edition of NAEMT's award-winning EMS Safety course provides essential training to protect EMS practitioners on the job. Using case studies, compelling discussions, and team activities, the course addresses the following topics:  

•    Safety Impact on Patients and Practitioners
•    Crew Resource Management 
•    Emergency Vehicle Safety 
•    Safety in the Roadway
•    Patient Safety
•    Practitioner Safety 
•    Injury and Infection Prevention 
•    Personal Health 

This course teaches EMS practitioners to be active participants in their own safety and that of their patients in all scenarios. 

Participants will receive 8 hours of CAPCE approved credit and the student manual is included.