MIH Summit presented by the National Association of Mobile Integrated Healthcare Providers

Monday, September 18, AND/OR Tuesday, September 19
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM 

Please note, this course can be attended as a 1-day class, or as a 2-day class.

The rapid evolution of Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine has become a leading topic across healthcare. MIH is no longer the future – it is here and now!

MIH and CP programs have become invaluable in decreasing hospital readmission rates, supporting providers in managing disease exacerbations, and reducing non-emergency calls to 911. Additionally, these programs have become instrumental in addressing social determinants of health and reducing community risk through alternate destination transport, mental health programs, COVID testing and vaccination, prenatal care, fall prevention, and more. Add to this the emerging Hospital-At-Home model and increased savings to payers, and it's no wonder MIH and CP providers are getting the attention of hospital systems, payers, and CMS. 

Attend this two-day summit (or choose one day only) about Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine and hear from industry leaders and peers as they share real-life examples of successful programs in action and important information about lessons learned. Topics of discussion will include education, community partnerships, data outcomes, best practices, legislation, and more. This event promises cutting-edge sessions, nationwide networking, and discussion of the hottest topics in the industry.



Join us for an engaging group of industry professionals!


September 18th 

  • Melodie Kolmetz - AHRQ/IHI Quality Improvement Essentials Toolkit
  • Jonathon Feit - Assume Your MIH Program Won't Get $1 of Grant Money....NOW Build Your Program
  • Maggie Adams - How to Obtain Reimbursement AND Compensation: Both Necessary to Sustain CP
  • Chris Kelly & Sally Arnold - Getting on the Same Page- basic contracting for MIH models & New Options Create New Requirements- Documenting the MIH Encounter
  • Jay Fraccola - Unlocking Productivity: Strategies for Overcoming Inefficiencies


September 19th

  • Jason Fuller - It’s Not Them, It’s You: Tips for Communicating with Organizational Leadership and Elected Officials
  • Steven Kroll - Advocacy Opportunities: Building Support for MIH Programs
  • Ashley Nelson & Carlie Dodson - Collaborative Connections: Harnessing the Power of Interprofessional Partnerships
  • Robert Smith - Empowering Paramedics for Patient-Centric Care: Lessons from Mobile Integrated Health Education
  • Suzanne Alewine & Team - Mythbusting: Who is Eligible for Federal Healthcare Funding? (Hint: it's probably you!)