Managing School Bus Incidents

Tuesday, September 19
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM 

School Bus Incidents occur daily in the U.S. On average 480,000 school buses transport ~25 million students annually. School buses are the most regulated vehicle on the highway designed with rollover and crush protection, bright yellow for visibility, flashing red & amber lights, cross mirrors, and red flashing stop signs. Newer buses are equipped with video surveillance cameras, inside and outside to record incidents. With all of these safety features, managing school bus Incidents has proven challenging for Fire/EMS.

According to the National Safety Council, crash data shows that between 2007 – 2019, there have been 1,401 people killed and 274,000 people injured in school bus-related crashes. 70% of the deaths occurred in other vehicles, 17% pedestrians, 6% school bus passengers, 4% bus drivers, and 3% cyclists.

Using a unique PowerPoint presentation and animated discussion, we will also discuss school bus designs, types of injuries, triage, treatment, transport, tracking and reunification, and how to manage a school bus incident using the Incident Command System

The most important takeaway will be the importance of having a school bus incident plan and conducting practice drills.