I-CAPP Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)


The International College of Advanced Practice Paramedics’ (I-CAPP), Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is designed to provide participants with an understanding of leadership competencies based on accepted industry standards, to help prepare emerging EMS leaders for today’s challenging business environment. Participants who complete the requirements outlined below will receive a certificate of completion.  


  • Participants are required to attend five of the 10 recommended courses offered during EMS World Expo or on Ally, EMS World Expo’s LMS, before December 31, 2023.
  • To obtain a certificate of completion for the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), participants who complete the 5 required courses, in-person or through the LMS, are required to take the leadership fundamentals capstone course on the Ally LMS before December 31, 2023.

Please note, the Emerging Leaders' capstone course will be available on the Ally LMS starting in January 2023, and will be available until December 2023. 


  • “Unimpeded By Progress” – Seven Sacred Traditions That are Holding us Back
  • Building A Prehospital Whole Blood Program - What It Really Takes To Be Successful
  • Who Can Help? Leveraging Volunteers During MCI's: A Practical Protocol for First Responders
  • All Those in Favor - Winning the vote, saving the day
  • International Round Up
  • 2022 Transformation Update – What’s Promising? What’s Threatening?
  • Leading EMS Retention and Letting Recruitment Follow
  • Risk and Resource Management for EMS providers; An Airline Pilot Perspective
  • What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate: Top Communications Tips For EMS Leaders And Leaders-to-be
  • Hold The Wall: Collaborative Strategies To Reduce Offload Delays

The ELP is delivered by experienced professionals who have extensive experience in their specific topic areas.  
I-CAPP believes that knowledge and self-improvement are essential to effective leadership. In fact, our organizational mission statement is to provide advocacy, leadership, professional development, and education opportunities for specialty care paramedics. We are committed to providing leadership development and educational opportunities for the betterment of the Paramedic profession, its leaders, and our patients.  
The Emerging Leaders Program will target individuals within the EMS community who have a current or future career focus in leadership positions.  


Three or more years working at your current practice level in transport medicine. Pursuing secondary education and/or advanced certifications. Seeking growth or career advancement opportunities as a supervisor or manager within the transport medicine industry. 
The Emerging Leaders Program is designed and sponsored by the International College of Advanced Practice Paramedics and is offered as part of EMS World Expo in Orlando, Florida. The program is intended to maximize the value of courses being offered in the EMS Leadership Track, held during EMS World Expo’s general conference programming, October 10 – 14, 2022, for new and aspiring leaders.