The FlightBridgeED Mechanical Ventilation Workshop

Monday, September 18
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The challenge in creating courses is developing content that engages the student and pulls them into the material rather than asking them to remember facts. At the bedside, or by the patient in the ditch at 2 AM, it is the retention of content that will drive action. Curricula should be strong enough to promote retention down the road, and not just 30-, 60-, or 90 days from course completion. The FlightBridgeED Mechanical Ventilation Workshop embraces the science behind memory retention and the loss that can occur secondary to cognitive load. Rather than present the material in a strict presentation format that limits retention and stresses rote memorization, this course is built upon content domains that are bolstered with case studies that reinforce learning for each content area during the course.