The Art & Science of Moulage Realism

Tuesday, September 19
1:00 PM–5:00 PM

Have you ever heard someone in training say "yes, but in the 'real world,' I would have done this correctly…”? Training realism in a simulated environment through the addition of moulage creates scenarios that mimic situational responses and are specialized to your training outcomes. Realistic moulage, when used in the training field creates a powerful story- immersive learning combined with simulators and interactive, odorous, three-dimensional wounds engage participants and heighten the training scenario by providing the non-verbal story- that which must be seen, felt, heard, and even smelled. This interactive workshop is designed to enhance realism in simulation scenarios while providing best practice techniques. This hands-on course will be presented in a multi-level learner approach including scenario staging, sensory engagement, core STEPS and technique, accessory moulage, wound development, storage recommendations, and time and money-saving alternatives for both simulator and standardized patients.