Active Shooter Hostile Event Response – Operations

Monday, October 10
8:00 AM–4:00 PM
Orange County Fire Rescue Department (Florida)

This interactive and dynamic course is designed to allow participants to engage in training that will equip them for an Active Shooter Hostile Event Response (A.S.H.E.R). 

The class will begin with an informative presentation on best practices and industry standards regarding an Active Shooter Hostile Event. The class will be conducted by a cross-section of industry professionals with backgrounds including all-hazard incident management team leaders, special operations technicians and commanders, task force team specialists, and members of the Orange County Fire Rescue Department Operations division and Training and EMS Sections. 

As an operator, the participant will have an opportunity to acquire skills necessary to successfully navigate the tactical components of an Active Shooter Hostile Event Response (A.S.H.E.R.). This course is designed to provide first responders with a wide range of proven tactics and techniques regarding response to an active threat while delivering patient care and patient movement during a hostile event.  

Participants will rotate through stations focusing on position-specific roles to include Rescue Task Force movements and functions, patient care, and patient packaging and movement. ASHER Operations (ASHER OPS) participants will have the opportunity to work side by side with local agencies while demonstrating their competency through a vigorous and intense scenario bringing elements of an ASHE into perspective. Participants will be able to observe a functioning patient collection point, as well as patient treatment triage and transport. 

Course concepts will include a focus on Rescue Task Force concept, Unified Command, ASHER, NFPA 3000, and integrated response. 

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